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Beth Bennett vs Rogue

Ravishing Rogue stands tall and proud in Monica’s Ring of Pain ahead of her latest Shiny Pro Girls Ring battle.

But beautiful Beth Bennett appears to have turned up looking to issue and beatdown and her taller opponent would appear to be the unfortunate one on the receiving end of it.

Beth starts off like an express train, grabbing Rogue and throwing her around the ring before catching her in some painful looking holds that have Rogue squirming and struggling in agony as she tries to escape.

It’s looking like this is set be a one-sided affair but Rogue is no pushover! She is developing at an impressive rate and getting better and better every time she turns out and this is proved when she sends Beth head first into the corner turnbuckle!

She follows this impressive attack up with some hard knees to the stomach that have Beth exhaling and groaning in pain, probably shocked at the ferocity of her rival.

This spices things up very nicely indeed and the girls go hell for leather at one another as they look to dish out some serious punishment.

We see some excellent moves including body scissors, head locks, an array of impressive pins, breast smothers, more corner turnbuckle action along with punches, kicks and trash talk.

Their resilience is also hugely impressive, not to mention their ability to take some hard looking blows. Each time they are down, both Rogue and Beth get up and come back for more in this brutal, punishing fight.

Just when you think one lady has the upper hand and is heading for victory, the other fights back and gets herself in the dominant position!

Of course, when it all comes down, one of the ladies finally emerges on top. She enjoys it of course while her distraught rival is left exhausted on the canvas.

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