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Beth Bennett vs Rebel

Wrestlers don’t come much meaner than Rebel and she immediately shows us she isn’t in the mood to go easy when she punches a corner turnbuckle at the start of this Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle!

However, in Beth Bennett she is up against a strong and talented fighter who never shirks a challenge and, as she informs her rival” always likes to have a bit of fun!

And it doesn’t take long for them to each give one another a taste of the pain and punishment they are capable of dishing out at any time to any opponent.

But we did say Rebel is mean and the early exchanges merely whet her appetite to take things up a notch and start to unleash some serious hell on Beth’s cute ass which involves stomping on her stomach and scooping her up and ramming her into the corner post!

Rebel uses her many wrestling moves to further increase the pain and we were wondering how much more Beth could take.