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Beth Bennett vs Miss Patricia

Asian beauty Miss Patricia is one of a number of stunning new fighters that have joined the already impressive MWC stable recent times which is making the Covid-19 lockdown all the more bearable for the session wrestling world!

But her newbie status doesn’t mean we’re going to give her an easy ride and she is certainly up against it here when she takes on the beautiful Beth Bennett on Monica’s mats in a thrilling East v West contest.

And she’s given an immediate introduction to a couple of Beth’s many impressive assets when a breast smother and then a pin kicks off this exciting contest.

But Monica doesn’t enlist women who roll over and give in easily and Miss Patricia - who has some incredibly awesome tattoos on her body! - is certainly no different and keen to show she isn’t just there to make up the numbers for the established stars on the roster.

They are soon battling all over the mats trying to get the advantage over one another and applying some serious moves which bring out some serious cries of pain along the way!

We see leg scissors, body scissors, head locks, ankle locks, a variety of pins and breast smothers which earn the desired submissions.

Both Beth and Miss Patricia fight extremely hard and after a while one of the ladies does start to take control and seems to enjoy imposing herself on her rival who, to her immense credit, keeps on fighting back as hard as she can which brings her some success of her own.

This is a fabulous match of contrasts between two extremely hot fighters who clearly love to get to grips and get down to the serious business of wrestling!

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