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Beth Bennett vs London

Gifted powerhouse Beth Bennett certainly enjoys using her assets in confident, emphatic style when she takes on ladies in Monica’s Ring Of Pain.

And this Shiny Pro Ring Girls clash is no different as she strides out to square up to lovely London with a brash “Hello down there”, making a cocky reference to London’s diminutive stature.

It seems she has every right to feel confident as she immediately goes on the attack and hits London with a cross body splash to show her smaller foe exactly what she is up against.

But London is an accomplished and very talented fighter and is no stranger to chopping down bigger opponents and she certainly isn’t shy about showing Beth exactly what she has got in return!

A vicious headlock results in Beth’s head meeting the corner turnbuckle as she is charged into it by feisty London who follows up with several nasty kicks to the stomach.

This sets everything up nicely and it is clearly these two blonde beauties are done with playing nicely and are only interested in teaching the other a hard lesson!

Both girls are left feeling the pain through tight body scissors, painful knees to the belly, limb stretching pins, stomps to the chest, skull crushing head locks, rib-damaging bear hugs and plenty of dirty tactics including punches and hairpulling!

It seems both Beth and London will stop at nothing in their quest for victory and this results in some spicy verbals between the pair!

They fight all over the ring - including some serious time spent against the corner turnbuckle which results in more agony for the victim!

it’s a back and forth battle right to the end and they left everything they had in that ring. But there is a winner and she certainly enjoys celebrating it over the frustrated loser!

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