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Beth Bennett vs Ivy Rain

This clash is the epitome of a mouth-watering wrestling match with two ever improving talented ladies doing battle in the confined space of the MWC Mats of Doom Room!

Beth Bennett and Ivy Rain have been setting Monica’s mats alight so we thought we’d see how far they’d come by pitting them against one another in an exciting fight.

These English roses have curves in the right places and as soon as they locked up in a clinch, you knew this was going to be a pulsating, edge-of-the seat classic match!

Within seconds of the start, bear hugs were locked, legs were scissoring each other and they were rolling back and forth on the mats trying to get the upper hand.

Both Beth and Ivy know their talents, they know their strengths and it was obvious that they’d stop at nothing to apply them on each other.

The first submission came when one of the beauties managed to trap the other’s torso between her powerful thighs, leaving the victim no option but to tap out.

But there was no time to hang around and mull over it! They were soon back at one another and soon filling the air with moans and groans of pain and anguish.

We witnessed more tap outs through an array of moves including body scissors, grapevine pins, breast smothers, schoolgirl pins and Boston crabs.

Beth and Ivy had their successes as the action was proving as hot and easy on the eye as the two girls themselves.

You could see the satisfaction and joy on their faces every time they made the other to tap out, showing how much victory was going to mean to them.

And at the end, one these exhausted beauties was the winner and boy did the delight show on her face!

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