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Beth Bennett vs Ina Black

Bold and beautiful Beth Bennett is always brimming with confidence when she struts her stuff in matches in the Shiny Pro Ring Girls arena.

But that self-belief was going to be well and truly put to the test when she found herself up against none other than the legendary Ina Black in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s daunting Ring Of Pain setting!

“I’ve decided to kick your ass” is the menacing greeting the brutal Bulgarian gives Beth but the blonde is not phased and gives a confident ‘we’ll see!’ as she steps right into a test of strength to kick things off.

Quite often, Beth can boast a size advantage over her opponents but even she cannot match up to Ina, who has the speed and agility to match the raw power she possesses! 

Soon, Beth finds out what it’s like to enter into a pro-wrestling war with someone of Ina’s calibre as she is thrown around like a rag doll and forced to endure some serious pain at the hands of the brunette.

Any thoughts of Beth attacking keep getting wiped out by a rampant Ina who seems to want to put on a demonstration of the many ways she can make a victim suffer when she is in this kind of mood.

Beth is caught in camel clutches, arm bars, body scissors, head scissors, Boston crabs, schoolgirl pins, is carried around in a fireman’s lift and made to endure effective combination holds.

The blonde does her best to resist and bravely kicks out of pin attempts throughout but she cannot turn the tide and spends the entire contest on the defensive and unable to trouble Ina!

Ina ends the contest in typically brutal fashion while Beth is left crying out and begging for mercy as she lays flat on the canvas!

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