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Beth Bennett vs Eva Ray

Eva Ray is far more than just a gorgeous face. The girl has the heart of a lion and never ducks out of a fight no matter how big the challenge is.

And she is faced with a big challenge here as the powerful curvy beauty that is Beth Bennett faces her from across Monica’s Ring of Pain in this latest Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter.

And she is immediately given notice of what might be in store for her as Beth grabs her like a rag doll and throws her to the canvas before dropping a knee on to her! Beth clearly means business and wants to teach Eva Ray a painful lesson.

Eva complains it wasn’t fair but Beth isn’t one for fairness and the punishment continues as she hurls the smaller babe into a turnbuckle and lands punches and knees to her belly.

But, like we said at the outset, Eva Ray doesn’t shirk from a challenge and when it looks like she might be steamrolled by her imposing rival, she fights back and shows Beth what she is about with a nice grapevine pin.

The blonde is determined to reassert herself and Eva is given more punishment, but the beauty just won’t lie down and fights back harder to make Beth suffer too in this excellent match.

There are more chokes, body scissors, head locks, breast smothers, combination holds and pins while the girls’ backs feel the ropes and turnbuckles more than once! They might have sweet, lovely faces but they can fight hard and dirty when they need to!

As we get to the end of the contest, both Beth and Eva have taken some serious punishment. But one girl emerges victorious and she celebrates with a gleeful victory pose over her defeated foe’s prone body!

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