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Beth Bennett vs Eva Ray

Sexy little spitfire Eva Ray is fearless and exciting and she has refused to duck any challenges that have come her way since joining the MWC roster.

Here, she came up against the powerful, curvy beauty that is Beth Bennett in the MWC Mats of Doom Room and was giving up a significant size advantage right from the very start.

But if the Lithuanian red head was showing any nerves, she hid them brilliantly because she showed she was clearly up for the battle and was not in the slightest bit intimidated by the bigger girl.

And, likewise, if Beth had any thoughts of complacency they were wiped out immediately as Eva managed to force her on her back and locked on a grapevine pin before trying to breast smother Beth!

Given how utterly gorgeous both ladies are, this was always going to be a contest that is hotter than the sun but what truly made it was the outstanding skills on show from both grapplers.

They clearly have a host of moves in their lockers and they certainly enjoy trying to make each other suffer once they have their rivals in such holds.

There were plenty of pins and smothers and scissors and rolling around in the confined space as they constantly locked up and got to grips with each other.

And both Beth and Eva secured some well earned tap outs in their favour as a result of their fabulous wrestling.

They certainly worked up a serious sweat and gave it their all. While the fight was in great spirits, it was obvious that neither wanted to lose this clash.

Ultimately, there was a winner at the end though and she certainly enjoyed celebrating an impressive victory in front of her devastated opponent. This hotter than hell bout is a must have!

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