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Beth Bennett vs Cristal Lite

With her strength and skills getting even better than they already are, sexy Beth Bennett oozes confidence every single time she climbs through the ropes and enters Monica’s Ring of Pain.

So when she is confronted by gorgeous Cristal Lite ahead of their Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter, a big smile appears on her face and she invites Cristal to make the first move!

“You’re such a lady!” Cristal jokes but the jovial mood soon disappears when, despite rushing to make the first move, she feels Beth’s power and ends up on the floor as a result!

Beth seems in the mood to play rough and she is soon giving Cristal a brutal demonstration into her brutality all around the ring. It looks set to be a very one sided contest as Beth turns up the heat on her smaller rival.

But Cristal has a lot of spirit and more than enough of her own strength and skills and soon she is fighting back with great gusto and making her rival suffer some of what she was dishing out and we have a real fight on our hands.

The girls display some excellent wrestling skills which include pins, head scissors, breast smothers, camel clutches, bear hugs, spears and takedowns with both taking some serious punishment along the way!

There are some verbals from both Beth and Cristal too which helps add a little bit of extra spice to what is already a red hot and hard fought contest.

Both of these proud fighters are giving it their all, getting hot and sweaty as they throw each other around and apply more and more excruciating holds looking for that all important victory.

Eventually, one of the girls takes control and exerts her dominance over the other and starts to make her suffer. Boy does she enjoy that win!

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