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Beth Bennett vs Chaos

When you pit two Strong, hot and determined fighters against one another, you are guaranteed a cracker of a match!

And that’s exactly what Beth Bennett and Chaos delivered as they met in Monica’s Ring of Pain for this exciting Shiny Pro Ring Girls bout.

Both ladies are prepared to go all out for the win and are never the kind who just turn up to make up the numbers and this is evident as soon as they lock eyes with one another.

It doesn’t take them long to get in on the action and they are soon battling all over the canvas giving each other a taste of what they are capable of in a breathless opening few minutes.

Beth might have a size advantage but Chaos isn’t phased and we are treated to a highly competitive encounter between two rising talents.

There are bear hugs, leg scissors, throw downs, boots to the throat, breast smothers, head locks, an array of pins, tests of strength, leg locks and some resistance and impressive defences as they give it all they’ve got to try to get that all important victory under their belts.

Both Beth and Chaos are getting better all the time and the skills on show are hugely impressive and clearly painful, judging by the constant moans and groans coming from their mouths each time they are being punished.

They often wear contorted looks on their faces as their will to win pushes them to wrestle harder and harder.

It’s a cracking back and forth battle which leaves you wondering who will come out on top right up until the end of the bout which leaves both sweaty and exhausted.

Finally, one of the girls does come out on top. And boy does she enjoy it!

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