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Beth Bennett vs Black Diamond

Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ match-ups don’t come more exciting than this when the phenomenal beauties Beth Bennett and Black Diamond face off against one another in an intriguing fight.

Right from the first second, we know this is going to be a classic as Black Diamond marches up to Beth and immediately launches an attack which has the blonde reeling.

It’s not often we see Beth being woman-handled so easily and it seems to come as a shock to her as the amazonian Black Diamond looks to inflict some early damage.

But Beth is as tough as she is gorgeous and it isn’t long before she is shaking off the effects of that early attack and giving Black Diamond a taste of her own medicine! Now they both know they are in one hell of a fight!

And what follows is some intense and brutal fighting as both women dig deep to display their skills as well as their brawling tendencies during the rest of the match.

Sure, we enjoy the technical wrestling. We see body scissors, arm bars, a variety of pins, ankle locks and a whole host of other moves. But we also see some vicious kicks and punches and a sheer determination by both Beth and Black Diamond to leave the other suffering.

As the contest wears on though, one of the fighters gets the upper hand and starts to put her rival through the ringer with some sustained attacks. Her opponent does her best to fight back but ultimately it is to no avail.

After some serious intense wrestling, the ending comes with one of these beauties stands over her rival - who is flat out on the canvas - foot over the throat taunting her to get up.

And the icing on the cake is provided by the proud winner who does not miss her opportunity to celebrate!

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