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Beth Bennett vs Bitch Cassidy

What do you get if you throw two ultra sexy and ultra talented pro wrestlers into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain?

A sizzling hot match - that’s what! Beauties Beth Bennett and Bitch Cassidy are always up for a fight and never disappoint so having them duke it out in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle was always going to produce a winner!

After a quick warm up, they circle and eye each other up and you can feel the electricity in the air as they exchange ‘pleasantries’ ahead of the serious action.

But wrestling is what they do best and they don’t waste any further time than necessary and soon get to grips with one another in a mutual bear hug.

And the action is soon taken to the canvas where Beth seeks to use her size advantage over Bitch Cassidy and try to get an early initiative and foothold in the contest.