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Beth Bennett vs Axel

Sometimes, you just know there will be fireworks in Monica’s Wrestling Centre when you put two particular ladies against one another in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls clash.

Both Beth Bennett and Axel are talented, have great strength, extremely confident and very easy on the eye and all of these ingredients are only ever going to cook up one red hot contest!

There is a brief verbal exchange before the two stunners lock hands and engage in a test of strength to feel one another out and see where it takes them.

But it really isn’t long before they are down on the canvas and rolling around trying to impose themselves on each other in a fabulous contest.

Each gets on top and each locks in what seem to be rather painful moves which have the desired effect.

And this adds to the increasingly tense atmosphere in the venue as both Axel and Beth get more and more determined to get the better of each other with more and more verbals being exchanged along the way.

There are grapevine pins, body scissors, head scissors, cross body pins, leg locks and combination holds while each shows a willingness to get dirty whether it be pulling hair or landing punches on exposed stomachs!

Beth and Axel demonstrate they are willing to do anything to earn an impressive victory over one another and this leaves all of watching on the edge of our seats waiting to see how it all pans out.

The action stays red hot and fast paced all the way through while the trash talk never seems to stop either!

After she serious fighting, one of these beauties does emerge triumphant and the contrast of her joy and the loser’s sheer frustration at the end shows how much this meant!

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