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Beth Bennett vs Autumn Rose Rematch

They may have contrasting looks and styles of wrestling but one thing Beth Bennett and Autumn Rose have in common is how they usually thrive in a Shiny Pro Ring Girl’s contest!

You could see the confidence exuding out of them as they warmed up in their respective corners of the Monica’s Ring Of Pain before the fight itself got underway.

As they squared up to one another, you can tell they were both up for it and Autumn’s desire was ramped up when Beth cockily told her she was there to win!

The blonde bombshell was soon reeling from a hard kick from Autumn and she was made to kick out of an early pin fall attempt!

But if Autumn Rose thought this was going to be a walk in the park and an easy win, she was very much mistaken as the strong and determined Beth was soon in the ascendency herself as the match quickly hotted up!

It was obvious both of these warriors were desperate for the win and they seemed to be prepared to do anything to help themselves achieve that!

There were soon brawling all over the ring - for every skilled wrestling move applied, there would be a dirty hair pull or punch as the pair sought out an impressive and coveted victory.

And to make it even more thrilling, the initiative went one way and then the other as every time it looked like either Autumn or Beth was taking control, the other would heroically fight her way out of it.

It was tough to predict a winner between these super skilful scrappers but eventually one of them did take control of the other, who clearly had taken as much as she could for one match.

The winner loves it while the loser is sick after tasting defeat. They definitely need a rematch!

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