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Beth Bennett Vanquished

Beautiful model and wrestler Beth is far more than just a pretty face and has proved as much with some impressive performances on the MWC mats.

But this was a whole new ball game for her as she found herself in the eyeliner of the dominant dominatrix Madame Vanquish.

As we have seen many times already, the imposing Madame Vanquish has been leaving a trail of destruction throughout the MWC roster by taking on and swotting away many talented young wrestlers.

In the dominatrix's eyes, Beth was just the latest victim and - as usual - she started off by inviting the nervous blonde to attack first.

But within seconds of her trying, Beth found herself being taken down and trapped under Madame Vanquish, who executed a painful head lock to her.

All credit to Beth though who resisted as much as she could and tried to fight her way out of it - which she did. She even managed to lock on an impressive body scissor.

But ultimately, all that did was give Madame Vanquish the opportunity to show off her impressive power and turn that scissor into a back breaking Boston crab!

From that moment on, we hear Beth shrieking in pain a lot of times but the girl certainly is strong and stubborn and she refuses to give in easily despite the pain she is being put through.

Madame Vanquish continues her reign of terror though and attacks Beth with crushing head locks, body scissors, head locks, arm bars and a host of pins.

Beth, to her immense credit, continues to fight as hard as she can throughout the whole match - only submitting after every effort has been made to resist!

There was only ever going to be winner though and Madame Vanquish certainly proves it and enjoys it - judging by her victory pose!

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