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Beth Bennett v Gabriela Pliante

What should you do when you get two gorgeous wrestlers like Beth Bennett and Gabriela chomping at the bit wanting to get some fight action?

You stuck them in Monica’s Ring of Pain and let them get all their aggression out in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls match, of course!

Both Beth and Gabriela are ready. More than ready in fact for this one and it barely takes any time at all before they are locked up and fighting all over the ring, desperately trying to prove who the better woman is!

They both give each other an early taste of their strength and wrestling talent, letting each other know that they are not going to roll over and they are going to have to earn victory the hard way!

It’s fast paced and action packed, as you’d expect from two fantastic fighters such as these, and the excitement of the contest never lets up.

We see them execute camel clutches, body scissors, head locks, arm bars, bear hugs, a variety of pins, combination holds and even less than sporting holds such as hair pulling and ramming each other into the corner posts!

The rivalry and will to win is written over both Gabriela and Beth’s beautiful faces and this is translated in them digging deeper to break out of attacks and execute their own pain on the other.

As well as brutal moves, there is plenty of taunting and trash talking and an over whelming sense that these two won’t be exchanging Christmas cards later in the year.

It’s a furious fight from start to finish which sees Beth and Gabriela demonstrate why they are unmissable viewing whenever they step into the wrestling ring.

Finally, one of them reluctantly and through gritted teeth taps out and boy, doesn’t the winner enjoy her moment of victory over her rival!

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