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Bambi Dominates Chicken Boy

It’s hard to resist beautiful Bambi’s infectious laugh, especially when we hear it as she faces off against our ever-willing little warrior Chicken Boy Dave on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats.

The awesome American is obviously not impressed with the opponent lined up in front of and she makes no attempt at hiding her disdain - much to the annoyance of the little man!

Chicken Boy has a history of misplaced confidence against vastly superior women and the alarm bells should have been ringing for him as soon as Bambi invited him to attack first without any resistance from her.

Once she gets him down to the mats after his takedown attempt falls flat, she unleashes some cutting verbals as she controls him without any real effort from her!

As soon as she pins him down and laughs at his attempts at bucking her off, you sense Chicken Boy was already fearing the worst with Bambi effortlessly moving into a face sit with the ominous words, “you don’t need to breathe, right?!” echoing in his ears.

This is just the start though and Bambi was only just warming up ready to unleash much more pain and punishment on her hapless victim as the match wore on.

She ‘treated’ Chicken Boy to figure four head locks, arm bars, reverse face sits, body scissors, head scissors, ankle locks, combination holds and pride-busting verbal attacks throughout.

As usual, dynamic Dave did his best to mount attacks but they were met with disdain and Bambi merely swotted him away as if he was a fly buzzing around her head!

We watch her systematically destroy Chicken Boy both physically and mentally in a total devastating beatdown.

Bambi finishes him with the same brutality she displayed throughout and certainly enjoys making sure he knows it by the end!

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