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Bambi Destroys Bert

Despite his record of always getting his butt handed to him on a plate, Bert has an impressive level of confidence in his chance of beating any tough and talented female wrestler he takes on!

Take beautiful Bambi, for instance. As she confidently shows off her muscles to him on Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s mats, he flexes his own and immediately goes on the attack no doubt with the aim of taking her down and showing her all he has got.

Sadly for him, he was simply met with Bambi’s infectious laughter which also no doubt indicated that he wouldn’t be laughing when she was done with him!

She effortlessly got him down, trapped him in a schoolgirl pin and dropped a whole load of trash talk on hi, as he struggled to no effect beneath her.

Bambi was clearly in the mood to do with him as she pleased and there was nothing Bert could do because, well, his actual ability doesn't match up to his inexplicable confidence!

It wasn't long before the desperate tap outs were flowing as Bambi utilised her superior skill set to devastating effect.

Bert had very little to offer in return and even Bambi seemed a bit disappointed in this as she teased him with a “Come on, give me something to work with you little bitch boy!”

But what’s a man like Bert meant to do when you are caught in head scissors, schoolgirl pins, body scissors, face sits and combination holds that leave Bert looking increasingly desperate and fearful for what’s in store for him.

This is a total annihilation and Bert not only suffers at the hands of Bambi physically but also verbally as she makes he knows how foolish he was to challenge her!

By the end, a beaming Bambi is only too delighted to make her point and enjoy her emphatic victory.


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