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Axel vs Venom

Venom looks all like butter wouldn’melt as she treats us to big smiles and sweet friendly waves ahead of her Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

But we all know she is a ruthless powerhouse who turns into a badass wrestler whenever she climbs through the ropes of the Ring of Pain and is always ready to fight.

However, if it’s a fight she wanted then it’s a fight she was always going to get from her opponent Axel who never backs down no matter who she is squaring up to!

It becomes clear almost immediately that both of these beauties are up for this and they waste no time whatsoever in trying to exert their authority and show one another exactly who they are messing with!

Venom has the size advantage and far more experience to call upon but Axel matches her toe to toe and they are soon brawling all over the ring in a pulsating back and forth, breathless contest.

Their confidence in their own ability is evident throughout, not least through the verbals they exchange which are almost as stinging as some of the attacks they unleash on each other!

There were vicious head locks, grapevine pins, body scissors, head scissors, arm bars, kicks and knees to the belly, bodies hurled into the turnbuckles, combination holds and even stink faces which were not warmly received!

Every time it looked like either Venom or Axel were in control of the proceedings, the other would turn the tables and unleash her own brand of fury to get into the driving seat as they sought a hugely impressive victory.

Eventually one of those athletes came out on top after a bruising encounter and bot did she enjoy celebrating over her victim’s body - even if she admitted it was a good fight by her rival!

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