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Axel vs Rosie

What can be more thrilling than getting two beautiful rising talents on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre roster to pit their wits against one another on the mats?

It’s easy to see why both Axel and Rosie have become firm favourites with the fans so this match was never going to fail to deliver the goods. As soon as they locked up, it became obvious this one was going to be a classic!

Straight, you could see they were well matched as their legs were locked up while they fought hard to get an advantage with each gaining hard earned submissions via a beast smother and then a head lock in the early minutes.

This set the tone for the whole fight with Axel and Rosie exchanging moves with both also showing great tenacity and spirit to avoid tapping out to what looked like painful holds!

The determination was etched all over their beautiful faces and, while the match was fought in great spirit, it was clear that both of these girls were desperate to get a statement victory under their belts.

We were treated to grapevine pins, body scissors, head locks, tests of strength, arm bars, leg locks, came clutches and combination holds throughout the contest. Some of these brought about submissions, many were impressively resisted as the initiative swung both ways.

But each time Axel and Rosie did succumb and submit, you could see how desperate they were to get straight back at it and earn their own points!

They fought hard all over the mats and left it all out there with the nail biting scoreline in the balance all the way until the end.

The pace and intensity was maintained throughout and the mutual respect between the pair was there for all to see when this incredible battle finally came to an end!

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