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Axel vs Monica

Badass Monica has warming up for a big rematch against Jeannie Hunter (20 years in the making!) on her mind since returning from a trip to the Caribbean.

But she needs to keep her eye on what is in front of her as none other than the amazing Axel steps on to the MWC mats to take on the big boss lady in an intriguing encounter.

Axel has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years - Monica should know better than most seeing as she has helped guide her! - and her confidence is sky high. So much so that she even tells Monica that she doesn’t think she can handle her!

The time for talking ends and they are soon getting to grips with one another battling on the mats in this teacher v pupil battle.

Monica soon gets her focus where it should be and puts Axel in some precarious situations with nasty ankle locks and arm bars but she finds the younger beauty doesn’t submit so easily these days!

They are soon rolling around on the ground in a hard fought match, both going on the attack or fighting hard to defend as they show off their immense skills.

We see head locks, cross body pins, body scissors and combination holds which have both Axel and Monica shrieking out in pain as they try to resist the temptation to tap out to relieve the strain.

Both of these talented gorgeous grapplers successfully secure submissions, but only after monumental efforts and strong resistance from the reluctant victim!

It’s exciting and hard fought from the start to the finish and both wrestlers give it their all in search of an impressive and well-earned victory.

By the end there was a winner who, was naturally delighted but also quick to show respect to her opponent!

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