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Axel vs Luna Doom

Given the sheer amount of talented beauties on the MWC roster, it really isn’t difficult putting together a mouth-watering exciting clash for all our fans.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t get giddy with excitement when such a contest takes place because that’s exactly what happened with this one.

Putting one of the most popular and talented girls in Axel against the strong newcomer Luna Doom in the confined space of the Mats of Doom Room promised us excitement and that is exactly what we’ve got.

These curvy beauties got to grips with one another straight away and were soon rolling around battling all over the room, trying to show the other exactly what each has got.

It’s clear right from the off that we are dealing with two strong women here who have great resilience and a will to win and that is shown when one locks in a body scissor and breast smother combination that the other fights hard to resist before finally succumbing.