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Axel vs Luna

One of the many attributes that awesome Axel possesses is that she never shirks a challenge and always puts up a fight.

And she was in for one hell of a fight when we put her in the MWC Mats of Doom room to face the daunting prospect of trying to topple luscious Luna!

Luna has a significant size and experience advantage over fearless Axel but the smaller woman has the heart of a lion so we couldn’t wait to see how this one would transpire.

Sure enough, Axel didn’t seem phased as the fight started but her task was made clear when Luna eventually got on top of her and executed a vicious guillotine. Axel tried to resist but eventually had to give.

Axel came straight back at Luna but a body scissors soon stopped her in her tracks. However, it was clear that there was a great deal of respect between the two and Luna was given a timely reminder that her young rival can fight when she hit her with a nice headlock!

And a perfectly executed arm bar from Axel earned her a well deserved submission from her imposing rival!

The match was fought in a fantastic spirit and we were being treated to some fabulous wrestling from both ladies. Each time Luna thought she was going to dominate, her spiky rival came right back at her.

Both Axel and Luna earned submissions along the way and they were certainly having a lot of fun - the smiles seemed permanently etched on their faces from the first second to the last!

Ultimately, size and experience told, but you often learn more about a fighter from their defeats and Axel proved she is becoming a talent to be reckoned with, despite losing! A fantastic match well worth adding to your collections!

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