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Axel vs London

When you put two people of the calibre of beauties Axel and London together in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain, you just know you are in for a real treat.

As well as their striking looks, London and Axel are both strong and skilled and continue to get better and better the more they wrestle so this was a serious mouth-watering prospect.

Incredibly it was their first time meeting in the ring and the initial verbal exchange between the pair showed both were not only up for the fight but desperate to win!

They immediately entered into a test of strength and this showed it was going to be hard fought and close with neither likely to give in so easily.

But then London suddenly burst into life and started imposing herself on Axel, taking her down with a headlock which prompted some taunts from the blonde about how unexpectedly easy she found it to take Axel down.

And when she followed that up with a camel clutch, we started to wonder if this would be a one-sided affair.

However, anyone who has wrestled Axel or watched her fight knows the girl isn’t the sort to just roll over and not put up a fight! A painful looking ankle lock showed London what she was all about.

Soon they were both going at it hammer and tongs with stink faces, knees to the belly, head locks, an array of pin attempts, body scissors, grapevine pins and even some underhand tactics along the way!

When you have two women who love to fight like these two do, then you end up with a classic Shiny Pro Ring Girls match up!

And the winner certainly enjoyed winning this classic match judging by her emphatic victory pose!

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