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Axel vs Eva Ray

We love the exciting hot battles that take place in the MWC Mats of Doom Room between the talented and beautiful women we have on our books.

And they don’t come much more gorgeous and thrilling that these two bright young things - Axel and Eva Ray!

Axel is well established now and keep enhancing her reputation match by match, while Eva Ray is the relatively new star that has certainly caused a stir since making her debut at Monica’s last year.

You could tell that they were itching to get their hands on one another and test themselves before they’d even shaken hands and they wasted little time before getting down to the main action itself.

Axel has a bit of a size advantage but Eva Ray is a real spitfire and never seems phased by the size or experience of whoever she is taking on.

They were soon battling all over the confined space of the small room trying to impose themselves on each other as things heated up during the contest.

The action went back and forth as they got each other in an array of holds including head locks, body scissors, schoolgirl pins, head scissors and breast smothers with neither beauty keen on submitting to her rival.

It took some time before the first tap outs were heard and even then we had an exchange of them as Axel and Eva both traded head lock and body scissor combinations which neither could avoid submitting from!

The moves got more inventive, the action got more intense and the girl’s were giving it all they had as they looked to score an impressive win.

At the end of this pulsating contest, there was a clear winner but the biggest winners are anyone who gets to see such talents as Axel and Eva Ray in a red hot fight!

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