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Axel vs Cheetah

It’s impossible not to get excited by this one! Two rising, talented and beautiful young stars climbing into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain to do battle will always be a winner for us!

Axel and Cheetah need no introduction as they’ve carved out impressive reputations on the work they’ve done so far and it is clear that each lady was itching to get it on in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ encounter.

And the early exchanges told us we were in for a treat as both made great opening attacks on one another which saw one of them end up in the corner getting kneed in the belly before turning the tables and throwing her rival to the canvas before getting on top!

This early back and forth certainly made it clear to both Axel and Cheetah they were in for a hard fight and victory wasn’t going to be handed to them on a plate.

Each time it looked like one of these badass beauties was getting the other hand, her rival would take her punishment before fighting back hard herself.