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Axel vs Cheetah

Now this is the epitome of a mouth-watering clash! Two stunning, skilful fighters keen to get their hands on each other battling it out in the confined space of the MWC Mats of Doom room!

Gorgeous Cheetah is one of the rising new stars of Monica’s Wrestling Centre and she has certainly made an impact in her short career to date.

It seems strange to think of beautiful Axel as a veteran but, compared with Cheetah, she certainly has the advantage in terms of matches under her belt.

But none of this mattered as they grabbed hold of one another and soon found themselves rolling around in the tight space trying to get an advantage on one another in the exciting first moments of the match.

They had each other in firm grips and tried hard to get their powerful legs and arms to work as they executed body scissors, head locks, pins and smothers trying hard to get the first submission.

Not only are both girls strong, they are also stubborn and they weren’t just going to relent until they really had to and as a result they kept admirably fighting out of tight spots before turning the tables and launching their own attacks!

The first submission arrived after some monumental battling when one of the girls finally made the other give in to her head lock!

But if the girl in front thought the match was hers for the taking, she was in for a rude awakening as her rival soon hit back with a brutal head lock and body scissors combination of her own! These beauties give it their all and there is some feisty sweaty action!

There is a clear winner by the end - not that you can tell as they both lay flat out and exhausted following their epic fight!

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