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Axel Vanquished

Despite the trail of battered and broken bodies, the brave and brilliant talents on the MWC roster keep lining up to take on the imposing Madame Vanquish.

This time, it’s the turn of beautiful Axel to take on the bigger dominatrix on Monica’s mats and she’s certainly not overawed or lacking in confidence as they line up.

But the problem is Madame Vanquish - sporting a funky green hair do - has seen it all before. Many times. And her hunger and desire to add more names to her ever growing list of victims is as strong as ever.

It starts in the way many of these challenges start. Madame Vanquish invites Axel to attack and try to get the first real blow in. Within seconds, it’s clear that Axel’s attack is having no effect and so instead she gets to work!

Madame Vanquish takes her down with a head lock with very little effort. But Axel is a real spitfire and she fights hard to try to free herself, throwing some trash talk at her opponent along the way.

But it’s all just amusing to Madame Vanquish who constantly laughs in the face of Axel’s taunts and attacks because she knows she is in total control.

Axel is subjected to punishing bear hugs, arm locks, head scissors, crushing head locks and body scissors that have Axel spluttering and crying out in pain.

Madame Vanquish methodically takes her apart and you can visibly see Axel’s confidence drain as she becomes more and more demoralised by this relentless fighting machine.

Axel does deserve credit, however, for her valiant efforts and her fearless approach to the fight all the way through.

But sadly for her, there was only ever going to be one winner in this and boy does Madame Vanquish enjoy celebrating over Axel’s prone body!

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