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Axel v Cheetah - Custom oil

Gorgeous grapplers Axel and Cheetah set the pulses racing whenever they set foot into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain and strut their skilful stuff.

So the excitement and wow factor shot through the roof when they decided to get messy and take each other on in an oil wrestling contest!

They get us and themselves in the mood at the start by making sure that every part of their bodies are suitably oiled up and ready for the exciting and intriguing fight that is to follow.

And you can see immediately that they are itching to get it on as they first engage in a tough test of strength before taking it down to the canvas and getting their impressive fighting skills to do the talking.

Axel and Cheetah are soon slipping and sliding, rolling around trying to get their wrestling moves into play and give each the advantage. But the oil is a great leveller and makes it harder for those with the upper hand to stay on top.

Every time one of these warriors gets on top and seemingly in control, she finds her rival breaking free, no doubt aided by the lubricant covering their glistening bodies!

Not that we don’t get treated to stellar wrestling holds at all, though! We see body scissors, head locks, arm bars, breast smothers, grapevine pins and combination holds as these proud fighters give it their all.

And the moans and groans both Cheetah and Axel emit serve to tells us that even oil - which they ensure they are covered in throughout - cannot stop skilled wrestlers from making their mark in the heat of a fight.

The intensity lasts all the way through and the intensity of the battle sees them locked together right until the very end! A stunning sexy scrap!

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