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Autumn Rose vs Venom

Autumn Rose never fails to deliver when she steps into the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain to engage in a Shiny Pro Rig Girls duel with another rival.

However she was facing one of her toughest challenges yet in this contest as she found herself up against the highly skilled, super strong star in the form of Venom.

But, just as you’d expect from her, she was certainly ready for this - as was Venom - and that only served to fuel the excitement even more for this highly anticipated contest.

Neither of these warriors is the sort to allow themselves to be bullied and dominated easily and both Autumn Rose and Venom have a lot of pride and were determined to emerge as the winner at the end of this one.

Just as we expected, they battled hard in a back and forth contest, showing their skills and power in a pulsating match!

Venom has something of a size advantage but Autumn Rose didn’t let that deter her and gave as good as she got with the advantage shifting from one woman to the other throughout the contest.

The talent of each woman is without question and they used their skills to great effect throughout but they also weren’t shy about resorting to dirty tactics either - such was their desire to win.

And, to really add to the entertainment value of this one, the trash talking between the pair was as good as the actual physical fighting!

Both Venom and Autumn Rose enjoyed their moments on top and at times it looked as if each would emerge as the ultimate winner - only for the other to fight her way out and turn the tables!

Eventually one of the girls did emerge victory using a rather vicious method to help her achieve it after an incredible battle!

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