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Autumn Rose vs Ivy Rain

These two stunners certainly need no introduction and they certainly need no invitation to climb into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain to fight!

Autumn Rose and Ivy Rain love to strut their stuff in Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounters and the rivalry in this one starts during the warm up - which becomes seemingly a battle of who can do the most impressive leg stretches!

There are smiles between the pair to begin with but it doesn’t take long before those smiles fade from their pretty faces and they get down to the matter at hand which is hard competitive pro wrestling.

Immediately, it becomes obvious that this is not going to be a walk in the park for either Autumn Rose or Ivy Rain and the struggle is real as they exchange head locks and then engage in a tense test of strength.

The determination and will to win is etched all over their faces as the battle hots up right from the early stages and shows no sign of letting up.

Ivy Rain and Autumn Rose both possess plenty of wrestling ability but they are not afraid to fight dirty either and some of those tactics were soon being deployed!

They exchanged head locks, kicks, ankle locks, body scissors, camel clutches, arm bars, head scissors, forearms to the back, combination holds and utilised the ropes and turnbuckles to devastating effect!

Both of these fighters were desperate for a victory and they ramped up the pressure - not to mention the trash talking - and caused each other some punishing harm.

After a tough contest, one of the ladies did eventually emerge victorious, getting the all important tap out via a Boston crab.

But both Autumn Rose and Ivy Rain were showing the after effects of a hard fight at the end of this one!

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