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Autumn Rose Humiliates Rex

We always love it when a brave man steps up on to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats full of confidence and certain he is going to teach a skilled female fighter a lesson.

Because there is no better sight than seeing someone full of arrogance getting humbled and brought back down to earth!

Rex clearly fancies his chances when he squares up to awesome Autumn Rose and confidently declares he’ll ‘warm her up’ when she confesses to feeling cold!

But, as we’ve seen time and time again, it’s easy to boast about what you’re going to do to a skilled kick ass lady but never so easy to back it up and it takes about 10 seconds for Rex to learn this when he finds himself on the ground trapped in a headlock!

It’s the start of a real chastening experience for him as the delightful Autumn Rose decides to demonstrate just why she is so popular and successful in this sport!

Rex struggles and wriggles around trying to escape holds and get any kind of momentum but he’s up against a badass woman who isn’t in the mood to be on the receiving end of any shocks!

She gets him in reverse head scissors, arm bars, schoolgirl pins, face sits, head locks, body scissors, camel clutches and combination holds which have the desired effect.

And boy does she trash talk him throughout! She lets him know in no uncertain times throughout the ‘match’ what she thinks of him and he has no choice but to take it!

All the enthusiasm and confidence he had at the start quickly leaves and the longer it goes on, the more broken Rex looks having endured a real beatdown!

As for Autumn, well she puts the exclamation mark at the end to celebrate her total domination in her own unique style!

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