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Athena vs McKenzie

There is no question that both Athena and McKenzie are extremely popular with the guys who closely follow the wrestling scene.

So what better way to get those guys even more excited than by pitting the two beauties against one another in Monca’s Mats of Doom room in an exciting clash.

It’s not the first time they have ever met and both girls are wearing sexy one pieces but that’s where the similarity ends with their different looks and styles quickly coming out once they start to do battle.

Brunette Athena has a lot more experience than her blonde rival, but McKenzie is getting better and better and it becomes clear right from the start that these two are going to enjoy putting one another through the grinder with some exciting, thrilling wrestling!

Things are soon going back and forth as they put each other in body scissors, head locks, sexy smothers, an array of pins, leg and arm locks while wearing big smiles on their faces with the pair clearly enjoying trapping the other in painful moves.

They are so engrossed with the job in hand that there are even the odd ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ along the way that aren’t quickly noticed. But then, why would you when you are trying to get out of a devastating move or trying to twist your rival up like a pretzel!

While the fight takes place in a great spirit between the two, it’s obvious that neither wants to lose and so they give their all towards achieving the victory goal.

The momentum shifts one way and then another all the way - right up until the end when it is not clear which of these babes will emerge victorious!

But one does emerge as the winner and boy does she enjoy her victory pose!

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