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Athena vs Lola Ray

Here at Monica’s Wrestling Centre, we are not averse at throwing young up and coming wrestlers into the lion’s den to take on strong, experienced and very talented fighters.

And that is exactly what we decided to do here when we sent cute Lola Ray into the Mats of Doom room to match up against the exquisite Athena!

And the veteran is licking her lips at the thought of taking Lola Ray on as she sizes her up when they face off prior to the action kicking off. And it seems Lola is just as excited too as she immediately launches an attack - such to the surprise of Athena!

Even when Athena starts imposing her power and strength on Lola, she finds Lola is feisty and more than willing to fight fire with fire in a bid to stop Athena taking control of her.

They are soon rolling around in the small room trying to get an advantage on one another and show who is boss. When it looks as if Athena might take control of her less experienced opponent, Lola turns the tables and shows she’s not just there to make up the numbers.

We see plenty of scissors, bear hugs, smothers, scissors and even some good old fashioned spanking of the bum - hey, there’s no law which saws wrestling can’t admire each other’s assets!!

The fact they are in a fairly confined space, given the small room, makes it even hotter and steamier as they battle it out long and hard.

There is also plenty of chatter and taunting between the two, especially from Athena, as the fight speeds along at a great pace.

In the end - which both seem disappointed to arrive at - there is one decisive winner though who certainly enjoys her win. But you’ll have to download this cracking match to find out who that is!

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