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Athena vs Ivy Rain

English rose Ivy Rain has been growing and growing in the short time she has been a wrestler and is gaining experience quickly.

But, here at Monica’s Wrestling Centre, we like to set tough challenges for our girls and so we decided to see how Ivy would get on against the glorious athlete Athena!

Squaring off in the Mats of Doom room, Athena was clearly licking her lips at the thought of getting her hands on fresh, young lass and seeing what her new rival had to offer.

Luckily for all of us, Ivy is certainly not afraid of any challenges put in front of her so even when Athena flies out of the starting blocks and starts trying to impose her will on her, Ivy isn’t fazed for too long.

In fact, it isn’t long before Athena realises this isn’t going to be the walk in the park that part of her might have been expecting when the match started out!

For instance, when Athena smothered Ivy with her breasts, Ivy was only too happy to return the favour immediately afterwards.

Submissions were also shared as the two exchanged holds which caused each lady to moan and groan in agony - it was apparent that these two weren’t shy about inflicting pain on one another!

There were plenty of holds on show from both including grapevine pins, arm bars, head locks, scissors, bear hugs, thigh challenges, pins and even more breast smothers. Hey, if you’ve got it then don’t just flaunt it, use it!

By the end though, there was one clear winner and she put the exclamation mark on her victory with a serious face sit smother!

But who emerged victorious? Was it the quick learning rookie or the veteran talent? Download this exciting match to find out!

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