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Athena vs Eva Ray

We knew this would be exciting as soon as we had the idea to pitch these two sexy ladies in a match together!

The awesome Athena against the exciting new talent Eva Ray was always going to be a mouth-watering clash and the pair certainly disappoint when they were put in the MWC Mats of Doom room where there is no escape and just enough room to fight!

We expected Eva Ray to be a little intimidated as she was coming up against a popular, experienced babe of the scene but Athena soon found out her smaller foe had no regard for reputation!

She immediately pulled Athena into a hold and the fight was on. Athena had never “played with” Eva Ray before but this was a strong introduction as the smaller newbie soon displayed her speed and power that are already helping her build quite a reputation.

But Athena isn’t the sort of girl who just sits and takes punishment and, sure enough, she was fighting back with gusto and showing the fresh meat just why she is so popular within the wrestling scene!

This only added to the excitement as both ladies went all out and create a cracking back and forth battle in which they made each other grunt and groan in pain!

We saw head locks, body scissors, grapevines, an array of smothers, face sits, leg locks while both ladies were stretched and twisted up to the point of excruciating pain!

The sweaty ladies taunted each other throughout too - there was a lot of pride at stake as well as a desire to win and come out on top of this pulsating encounter.

We could barely catch our breath by the end of it - let alone both Athena and Eva Ray! But did the seasoned pro or the exciting rookie come out on top? Download to find out!

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