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Athena Vanquished

Normally you’d say gorgeous Athena needs no introduction. A skilled MMA fighter and talented, experienced wrestler who has built up an impressive reputation over the years.

But that means nothing to the badass dominatrix that is Madame Vanquish who only sees ‘just another victim’ in front of her when they face off on the MWC mats.

Athena gives her a bright and breezy introduction but shows surprising naivety when she falls for the old handshake trick that Madame Vanquish pulls out to immediately launch an attack.

Soon the brunette is feeling the full force of her remorseless rival as Madame - in her traditional black dominatrix outfit - starts to twist and bend her in ways a woman’s body isn’t usually expected to go.

Athena is a tough girl but we fully understand where the cries of pain and anguish are coming from when she finds herself helpless and trapped in some eye-watering, painful holds.

The torture includes figure four leg locks, guillotines, bear hugs, arm bars, boston crabs and body scissors - all of which are designed to inflict sheer pain and all of which succeed in their aims.

Things are actually worse for Athena when she is on the offence herself. Madame Vanquish practically encourages her to attack and lets Athena get her honed and usually well executed holds locked on.

But they have no effect and only result in the dominatrix swiftly turning the tables on her rival and instead making her suffer even more.

Insult is very much added to injury by the taunts Madame Vanquish throws throughout the contest - she knows how to break girls both physically and mentally!

Full credit to Athena - she never gives up trying and gives it her all to try to fight back. But it’s all to no avail though as it is Madame Vanquish who stands tall over her latest broken victim.

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