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Athena Dominates Russ - rematch

Give the brutal beatdown he suffered at the hands of Athena the first time they fought, you'd have thought Russ would do everything in his power to avoid meeting her anytime soon.

But not only is he content to interrupt her while she is in the middle of the rigorous workout in the MWC Ring of Pain but he seems fairly confident that he can take her in a rematch - a suggestion that unsurprisingly insults Athena!

But it’s one thing talking big and having delusions of grandeur and being able to actually back up what you are saying, as Russ finds out very quickly here.

Athena shows her impressive power by lifting Russ and sending him down to the mats before she takes over and starts what she intends to be another painful beatdown of the brave, if misguided, opponent.

Russ is soon screaming out in agony as Athena traps him in a grapevine before smothering him with her ample breasts. She jokes as she taunts him but it is no laughing matter for Russ who is soon realising that perhaps he was a little hasty in returning to face this skilled babe.

He is put through the mill in a variety of ways including head locks, body scissors, arm bars, head scissors and a whole host of pins that are more than Russ can handle.

To make things worse, she isn’t afraid to play dirty either and is more than happy to attack his crotch area or pinch him whenever she feels like it and on whichever part of his body she feels like attacking!

And just like in their last encounter, she enjoys ever second of it - laughing and cackling as she puts him in his place.

It comes as no surprise to see Russ out cold at the end and an overjoyed Athena celebrating over his prone body!

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