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Athena Dominates Russ

We love Russ. He’s big, he’s confident and never shirks a challenge. Sadly for Russ though, Athena is in the mood to chop him down to size!

The badass babe is practically licking her lips with anticipation as she squares up to him on the MWC mats ahead of this inter gender battle.

And if there was any doubt about her intention to inflict damage on Russ, they are blown out of the water when she takes about five seconds to grab him by the balls and send him sinking to his knees on the mats.

He’s a determined warrior though, is our Russ, and he immediately tries to strike back and lift Athena off her feet in a bear hug. But the girl is too smart, too skilled and too strong for him.

His initial attacks and enthusiasm only serve to prompt an unamused Athena to go up a few more notches, so she ties her hair up and gets to work on working him over.

And boy does she do that! Russ soon finds out why Athena has built up such an enthusiastic fan base as a result of her incredible wrestling and fighting prowess.

She hits him with body scissors, grapevine pins, face sits, head scissors, cross body pins, head locks and many combinations of many of these moves!

It’s not unusual in this match to see Russ’s head turn bright red as Athena wraps herself around him and squeezes him like a python about to devour her prey.

Naturally, the submissions start to flow from Russ and his early bravado and confidence a mere distant memory as she destroys him.

It ends up being a truly emphatic victory for Athena and she isn’t shy about making her feelings known as she stands proudly over the “loser” in her victory pose!

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