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Ashley Rider vs Ina Black

The legendary Ina Black has fought and beat the best of them in this scene but we couldn’t wait to see how the diminutive Scottish wrestler Ashley Rider would get on against her.

Dressed in red and blue one pieces and wearing tights, the anticipation for this bout on the MWC mats was high in the air.

However, Ina had a huge size and experience advantage over the blonde and she was determined to make that count and avoid an upset!

“Come on strong lady, show me your power!” Ina’s trash talk was strong as she took Ashley down to the mats and set about working her over.

Ashley is tenacious though and despite being overwhelmed she refused to give in and kept fighting her way out of precarious situations with everything she had. But such was her tenacity, a stray foot landed cleanly in Ina’s mouth - much to everyone’s shock!

Ina is one tough chick though and after apologies and a break later, they were soon back at it!

The Bulgarian continued to impose herself but was getting increasingly frustrated by the stubborn Scot who refused to simply give in easily. Finally, Ina made a breakthrough with a truly vicious arm bar!

But if Ina thought that would open the floodgates, then she was very much mistaken as the determined spitfire kept resisting her as best she could while also mounting her own attacks. It took a great deal of effort and a pin before Ina could taste success again!

Despite Ina winning, Ashley certainly impressed - although we’re not sure she is going to rush back soon for a rematch with the Bulgarian legend!

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