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Aralia Dominates & Destroys her masked opponent Andy

Beautiful American Aralia made the trip across the Atlantic to visit us at MWC and she was confronted with a rather mysterious challenger!

The masked man stepped up on to the mats and seemed ready and prepared to try to take down Aralia but she had other plans and wasted no time in executing them.

She takes him down and sweetly coos “Hi, so nice to meet you today!” while he suffers while trapped in first a headlock and then a head crushing figure four hold.

Aralia is full of energy and enthusiasm and trash talks her opponent constantly while making him feel immense pain as she goes through her full array of nasty looking moves.

If he had any dreams or aspirations about winning this fight, they were left in tatters within the first few minutes as awesome Aralia put him through the ringer.

She got him in guillotines, camel clutches, body scissors and grapevines while trash talking him constantly to add humiliation to the physical suffering he is having to go through at the hands of this keen fighter.

After a while, Aralia tells him that she is playing with him and having fun at his battered expense.

But that doesn’t mean she is giving him any release from inflicting as much pain as possible and she continues the assault while he just lies there, powerless to stop her from doing whatever she wants, any time she wants.

At no point does she lose the control that she had got him under from the very first second of the contest.

Unsurprisingly, it is Aralia who is the one with a big broad beautiful smile on her face at the end as she puts him out cold after trapping his head between her legs.

A well-earned victory pose for an exciting, gorgeous and dominant American fighter!

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