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April vs Chickenboy Dave

In a short space of time, the Ladyboss April has made a huge impression with her infectious character and her super skills she has displayed at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

So when she tells a puny little man that she is his worst nightmare, then that puny little man should show some common sense and steer clear of the little spitfire.

But Chickenboy Dave is no ordinary puny little man though. His mouth and bravado is always getting him caught up in sticky (not to mention painful) situations and this time is no different as he proudly steps on to the MWC mats with the intention of putting April in her place.

And he succeeds! That is, succeeds if his intention was to become a victim to the awesome and amazing talent that April actually is!

She wastes no time at all, trapping him first in a head lock and then a breast smother which brings about its desired outcome, much to her delight and his frustration!

Of course, this is just the start and April has a hell of a lot more to give as she digs deep into her bag of tracks and starts laying on moves that have her shaken victim struggling and desperate for an escape route.

April hits him with ankle locks, schoolgirl pins, head locks, head scissors, spanking, body scissors and combination holds which leave Chickenboy reeling from the relentless attacks.

Her infectious joy at the work she is carrying out is something to behold too…unless you are Chickenboy of course, who suffers from start to finish!

The beautiful blonde is in fine form and earning tap outs and respect from her shellshocked rival comes as no surprise!

Chickenboy is no match for stunning April and she certainly enjoys proving the point judging by her cheeky victory pose!

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