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April Paisley Vanquished

You’d have thought by now Madame Vanquish would have grown tired of taking apart all of the ladies on Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s roster by now, having left a huge trail of destruction already.

But she is showing no sign of letting up and her enthusiasm and desire seems as strong as it was when she first started on this quest - something gorgeous newbie April was about to find out when she faced off against the intimidating Vanquish on the MWC mats!

As soon as the dominatrix smelled fear in April you feared for the small blonde and, despite Vanquish letting her get the first attack in, she was soon discovering how vicious this madame really can be!

One of the most demoralising things Vanquish does to all her rivals is laugh as they try to attack her and then the running commentary only adds salt to the already stinging wounds.

But of course, it is her physical punishment that really hurts and there are very few in the game who can match the sheer evil levels she is willing to go to!

Despite her plucky attempts at fighting back, April finds out the hard way just how painful wrestling can be as a sport!

Vanquish traps her in arm bars, choke holds, head locks, head scissors, bear hugs, body scissors, a variety of pins and combination holds and, at times, twisting her up like a pretzel.

April clearly tries to do better but it is all to no avail as Madame Vanquish barely breaks sweat taking her apart systematically by utilising her brutal power and fabulous ability.

Vanquish’s demonic laugh is heard on many occasions while poor April is left broken and battered by the end of this one - yet another victim of the delighted victorious dominatrix’s reign of terror!

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