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Amrita v Kassidy - Gi feet match

Ravishing Russian Amrita and beautiful English babe Kassidy are no strangers to each other’s considerable talents having previously met at an MWC live show.

And it was Amrita who well and truly came out on top of that one despite Kassidy’s determination and skills on the day.

But we wanted to give her a chance at redemption and decided to take them out of the Ring of Pain and put them in their martial arts gear on the mats for a gi feet match!

It wasn’t long before they got to trips with one another’s outfits and let battle commence. Kassidy looked determined and ready for action, but Amrita was ready for the challenge herself.

And it was the blonde who struck first, with an arm bar and foot in the throat forcing Kassidy to reluctantly give to her rival.

While this was a blow to Kassidy, she was certainly not deterred and came out fighting and trying hard to level the scores. However, Amrita wasn’t in a giving mood.

When the Russian increased her advantage, it looked like she could dominate completely but Kassidy is more than just a pretty face. This girl has built her deserved reputation based on her skills and strength and she showed what she is truly about by making Amrita give to her arm bar and foot choke combination!

Suddenly, the intensity was ramped up by a few more notches and it only made for an even more exciting fight as both girls went all out to inflict damage on the other!

They exchanged submissions with some outstanding wrestling and martial arts moves that had us wincing on the sidelines!

There is a winner at the end and, my word, the loser doesn’t appreciate the little taunt she receives! This phenomenal match is a must-have in your collections!

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