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Amirah Adara vs Minnie Manga

Oh boy! Monica’s Wrestling Centre has witnessed many seriously intense and hard fought battles and this fight between a pair of Hungarian hotties certainly fits that bill.

Brunette Amirah Adara and blonde Minnie Manga seem keen and almost desperate to wrestle and waste little time in getting to grips with one another after the traditional pre-match handshake.

But as soon as the action hits the mats and they start fighting hard on the ground, any pleasantries are blown out the window as their intention turns to inflicting as much agony on each other as possible.

As well as both displaying some excellent wrestling skills, they also show they can take a fair amount of punishment with tap outs not being given up easily.

And it also emerges as one of those fight we all love to see, fast paced and back and forth which only add to the excitement of the match as they roll around giving it all they have got.

Both Amirah Adara and Minnie Manga have their moments on top and both are successful in collecting a few submissions as the contest hots up.

And there is no doubting their efforts as their bodies and faces are soon glistening with sweat and their cries of determination, frustration as well as anguish fill the room.

We see a number of grapevine pins, body scissors, head locks, head scissors and combination holds which get the job done for both Budapest beauties.

The sheer intensity doesn’t let up from start to finish and Amirah and Minnie give it their very best all the way through as they seem to get increasingly determined to get the win at the end.

It’s an incredible contest featuring two exquisite ladies in top form and you can sense the mutual respect they have for one another when the war is over!

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