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Amirah Adara vs Eva Ray

The delightful Eva Ray loves to push and test herself whenever she steps onto the mats at Monica’s Wrestling Centre - an attitude that has seen her skills soar!

But she most certainly faced a test here when she came up against the amazing Amirah Adara, whose strength and talent always serve her well in her matches!

After a polite and friendly handshake, the two beauties wasted no time going for one another and locking up immediately to show they are both girls who just love to fight!

And we got exactly what we were hoping for, pulsating fast-paced action which saw both giving it their all in an exciting battle between two hellcats!

At first, it looked as if one of the ladies might dominate as she raced into the lead, but her rival certainly didn’t intend to be cannon fodder and came battling back as hard as she could to send the excitement levels through the venue’s roof.

From the grunts and groans and the sweat that was glistening their bodies, you can tell Amirah and Eva were giving it all they had - such was their desire for victory!

Both are beautiful but the skills they demonstrated proved they are more than just pretty faces and well sculpted bodies.

We saw head locks, body scissors, arm bars, grapevine pins, breast smothers, leg locks, tests of strength, schoolgirl pins and combination holds - all of which clearly made their mark on the other!

Their determination to escape holds or not submit when trapped in them was as equally impressive throughout!

Amirah and Eva showed why they are unmissable on the wrestling centre mats as they fought hard and fast right to the very end!

And while there was a clear winner at the end, there was a lot of mutual love and respect towards each other from both.

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