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Amirah Adara vs Chickenboy Dave

If there is one thing you cannot fault our beloved Chickenboy Dave for is his lack of confidence! He always steps on to the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats expecting to emerge victorious!

And this occasion is no different as she arrogantly squares up to alluring Amirah as she warms up and starts mocking her status as a wrestler.

Throw in the fact we have one of those ultra rare occasions when the little guy is actually taller than his opponent and you can see why he is brimming with confidence.

We think that confidence lasted around half a second after the match started and Amirah grabbed him in a headlock and took him straight down to the mats where the first yelps came from poor little Chickenboy’s mouth!

Like the rest of us, Amirah wasn’t impressed when Chickenboy proudly showed off his muscles at the beginning but she was not shy about using his boasts to beat him with verbally as she worked him over using her skill, speed and sheer tenacity.

He found himself coughing and spluttering and, of course submitting while caught in head locks, body scissors, grapevine pins, schoolgirl pins, head scissors, face sitting, figure four locks and combination holds.

Amirah was having a whole lot of fun at his expense as she took him apart while wearing a beaming smile all over her gorgeous face.

Her insults were as hurtful as her moves too and she certainly made Chickenboy know he was no match either physically or mentally with this talented beauty.

Nothing was off limits as Amirah emphatically proved her point at the expense of a well defeated and flustered ChickenBoy, who had absolutely no answer to her!

She clearly loved putting him in his place and she wasn't shy about bragging about it when she delivered her victory pose!

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