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Amirah Adara Destroys Bert

Right from he very start, we knew Amirah Adara meant business while she was on the mats at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

The ever willing Bert might have wanted to engage in some pleasantries pre-fight but the beautiful and strong Amirah wasn’t having any of it and instead of taking up his offer of a handshake, she dismissively shoved him away before getting down to business!

Within seconds Bert found himself in familiar territory - on his back on the mats while a fit and talented female went about taking him apart - a grapevine and breast smother combination quickly bringing about the first point!

Bert was shocked but as determined as ever and flew straight at Amirah in the hope of evening the score - only to find he had dived head first into a head lock which, again, saw him submit.

She might have been giving up some height to him but she most certainly wasn’t giving up any skill as, again, he proved to have very little in the way of…well, anything, to get her with!

Amirah might have worn a smile on her face for the most part but she was ruthless and efficient as she relentlessly went from move to move racking up tap outs like they were going out of fashion.

Bert suffered through head scissors, head locks, face sits, roll up pins, body scissors, arm bars and devastating combination holds - all of which had Bert struggling and groaning in agony!

It’s a one-sided beatdown from the first second to the last and poor Bert has nothing to offer either as an attack or even just to fend off the onslaught that he finds himself caught up in!

Amazing Amirah finishes him off in emphatic style and she certainly enjoys celebrating over his battered body at the end!

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