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Amirah Adara Destroy's Bert - Rematch

Bert is a determined young man on a mission and that mission is to get long overdue revenge against a woman who beat up and humiliated him on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats!

Problem for Bert is though that woman is Amirah Adara and she is not the type of girl who rolls over and lets any man do as he pleases with her - especially when it comes to a fight!

There she is minding her own business, warming up in the Ring of Pain when our hairy hero leaps over the top rope to confront her - much to the beautiful Amirah’s amusement of course!

Bert tells her he believes he has a chance now and proves this by charging at her full of fire and determination as he walks straight into a head lock which enables Amirah to take it down to the canvas and start inflicting more pain on him!

Now she has him right where she wants him, she quickly manoeuvres into a reverse face sit position where his muffled cries of distress can be heard as he struggles under her butt.

Amirah is having a ball both in terms of the beatdown she is handing out to him and the jokes she fires along the way which must hurt psychologically as his ambition of revenge crumbles right before his very eyes!

She makes him pay in a variety of different ways including reverse head scissors, head locks, body scissors, arm bars, a stink face, a number of pins and combination holds which bring plenty of submissions easily!

It doesn’t take long for Bert’s mission to go from getting revenge to just surviving as a rampant Amirah gleefully takes him to school again and teaches him a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry! A brutal example of female domination over weak men!

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