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Alora Lux vs Miss Vox

Since bursting on the scene with a bang, alluring Alora Lux has certainly made a name for herself with her confidence and ever-improving wrestling skills.

But she was going to have to utilise her obvious ability to the max as she faced off with another brilliant and beautiful young wrestler in the shape of Miss Vox.

You could see they were both eager to get it on and make a statement when they faced off against one another on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats for this eagerly anticipated match.

And it wasn't long before they were down on the ground rolling around and exchanging the top position as they sought out an early advantage at the expense of one another.

Excitement levels ramped up as Alora and Miss Vox executed great moves only to find her rival battling out of them and then reversing things to get the advantage themselves. Neither girl was in the mood to give easily and, as a result, the first submission didn’t come easily or quickly.

They were clearly an excellent match for one another with both ladies earning well deserved tap outs in their favour in exchange for their hard endeavours!

We saw arm bars, ankle locks, body scissors, schoolgirl pins, camel clutches, head locks, cross body pins, combination holds, unusual moves and even the odd wardrobe malfunctions as the action heated up!

As the fight continued with such intensity, both Alora and Miss Vox dug deeper and ramped up their efforts - such was their desire to get the all important victory.

This was out and out, top quality wrestling from both girls who were giving their all and determined to leave everything they had out there on those mats!

It was a fantastic match and there was clear respect between Alora and Miss Vox at the end of this one!

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